The aim of the hiring process is to get you the right fit for the job. The recruitment dynamics have changed over time. Interviews have transformed from only assessing how best job applicants understand the trade, but it incorporates the individual’s personality and values on the job. That is how you build a lasting brand.

Here are some characteristics you should consider when hiring.


Office politics are a major concern for the human resource department. They majorly border on the interactions between staff that more often than not relate to how people’s personalities affect the working environment. Therefore, an individual who is respectful, genuine and sober is a person worth having in your company’s team.

Zeal to Learn

What you should majorly look out for is the applicant’s appetite to learn. The yearning to be taught has a direct effect on the creation of solutions to the challenges they face in the workplace. It goes further in promoting an environment where new ideas challenging the norm are developed. This drive is an ideal way to run your company with a view for the company’s long-term sustainability.

Drive and Ambition

Ambitious and driven staff are a real plus to the company. They are proactive in their approach to work, new tasks and other projects. They are the sure bet when it comes to delegating tasks as their motivation is to impress so as to rise the ranks in the business. Pose the question, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” the response should give you a picture of their level of ambition.

As a cautionary measure, create a fair reward program for enthusiastic staff. Ambition has been known to have resulted in malicious activities in a bid to be paid.

Willingness to Take Responsibility

Matters of responsibility are quite diverse. On the face view, responsibility is found in the willingness of an employee to help another out. However, the broader aspect incorporates the critical issue of admitting when they are at fault and their desire to face the consequences of their action.

Ethical Values

Many organizations grapple with the growing concern of unethical behavior among their staff. The matters revolve around embezzlement issues, malice among staff, and bad customer relations, among others. For potential employees, consider verifying their information with previous employers.

For employees on probation, any unethical matters they are involved in should be dealt with decisively.

Always validate the information given by getting in touch with the references provided, confirm their education and previous employment history as well as engaging them on a short-term contract, to confirm if they are all they presented. Remember that as much as education qualifications matter, your aim should be to get an all-round individual. Above all, follow your gut feeling on the matter.